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                       Home Tuition (Nursery to Masters)



I   If you are looking for a qualified & experienced tutor for home tuition of your children in any class (Nursery – Masters), feel free to contact us. Our tutors are specially trained from the higher standard universities.

Especially we have the tutors from Beacon House, LUMS, FAST, LEADS, PICS, P.U & UET.

We are giving you three days free trial period for examining the tutor. In first three days if you reject our tutor, there’ll be no any charges. Friendly atmosphere is also a basic key of our tutors. Moreover if you are looking for Qari for home tuition of Quran Nazra, Hifz, Tarjuma-o-Tafseer, Qira’t, Tadrees-o-Tafheem feel free to contact us. We are providing jobs for tutors who are interested in home tuition.

So, the interested candidates are advised to send their CVs as soon as possible

Life time Registration Charges for Student =     Rs.1000/-

Life time Registration Charges for Tutor     =     Rs.500/-   +  30% First Fee



                             Islamic Educations

As much as time is going faster & faster at the

same time people have dropped the theme and

education of Islam to spread out in their children.

So now we have started this facility also to provide

you Qaries and Ulamas for your children home

based Qurani education such as Quran Nazra,

Quran Reciting, Hifz, Qira't, Tarjuma-o-Tafseer,

Tadrees-o-Tafheem etc.


Registration Charges for Qari       =   Rs.500/-

Registration Charges for Student  =    Rs.500/-


                                   Tutor Hiring


Tutors of different institutes want to get home tuition near to their residence place,

can contact us very confidently and freely. Because we are also hiring the best tutors

of Lahore for providing the home tuition service. Below mentioned fee structure is

useful for both (Tutors & Students). This is not the final fee structure but just a

theme of minimum cost because it'll be final after measuring the distance from

Tutor's residence to Student's Place.






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