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Male Infertility -


1- Mardana Kamzori

Infertility is the insolvency of a (married couple) match (male and female partner) to conceive a maternity after trying to do so for at small one swarming period. In firsthand infertility, gestation has never occurred. In utility infertility, one or both members of the deuce have previously planned, but are unable to conceptualize again after a untouched assemblage of disagreeable. OR Infertility can be defined as the loser to achieve pregnancy after prescribed unsafe sex (without the use of any contraception suchlike safe or exam pills) for at slightest a filled twelvemonth. 'Primary' infertility means failure to achieve pregnancy first time, 'secondary' infertility means failure to achieve pregnancy on later time. An infertile man may possess service to secondary than the total separate. There are no see-able symptoms for this problem and most affected men will not know about it until tests are carried out.

2- Low Spermatozoon Motility (The Sperms are Not Superb Swimmers)
Spermatozoon (Spermatozoa) motility is the knowledge to loco mote. Sperms are of two types - those which aquatics (can swim), and those which don't (can not swim). Remember that only those sperm which move forward fast are able to swim up to the egg and fertilize it and the others are of little use or sometimes of no use.

3- Defective Sperm Healthiness or Construction
More than ninety percent of soul infertility cases are due to low gamete counts, broke spermatozoon level, or both. In 30 to 40 percent of cases of spermatozoa abnormalities, the reason is unacknowledged. It may be the end result of one or a compounding of factors that include chronic malady, malnutrition, inherited defects, structural abnormalities, and environmental factors.
4- Closed or Blocked Sperm Ducts
Damaged or Destroyed Sperm Ducts - Blocked sperm ducts account for 12 to 18 percent of all male infertility. Scarring of the vas deference prevents the sperm from reaching its ultimate destination. Scarring of the vas deference prevents the gamete from accomplishment its highest goal.

5- Sexual Dysfunction or Sexual Malfunction
Sexual malfunction refers to a difficulty experienced by the male partner or both male and female during any stage of a normal sexual activity, including desire, arousal, stimulation or climax.
Its main signs and symptoms are: premature ejaculation, not being able to achieve or maintain an erection, lack of sexual desire, lower urinary tract symptoms, not having an orgasm.


Female Infertility -

Infertility can be characterized as the failure to achieve pregnancy after regular intercourse for at minimal a period. Primary infertility means failure to achieve a first pregnancy, 'Secondary' infertility means there have been one or more pregnancies but a further pregnancy is not possible. Primary infertility is an extremely vernacular problem, touching solon than one in sevener couples attempting their first maternity. Among those couples experiencing infertility with conception, a male fertility problem is ratio high. In 20 percent of couples infertility is due to male fertility problem and in around 30 percent, there will be a problem in both partners male and female.

Causes of Female infertility:

Fifty proportionality of infertility is directly or indirectly linked to the females. Virtually thirty percent of all women infertility is unexplained.

Ovulation Disorders
Of the explained reasons for women infertility, ovulation disorders are the most general grounds. There are also galore else causes. Succeeding are few of the most public causes of human infertility.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Fallopian tubes may get blocked or closed by numerous different factors. When the fallopian tube is blocked or closed, it makes it nearly hopeless for a woman to conceive.

Age Related Reasons
Female age is very important in consideration of probability for getting pregnant. More age increases the infertility in women and it becomes difficult for them to get pregnant.
If women eggs are damaged or have chromosomal abnormalities, they can't sustain a pregnancy. The quality of these eggs declines significantly with growing age.



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